Project Details

2005 Honda Civic Auto Repair

Mileage: 173 miles

Body Style: Coupe

Transmission failure. Needs a transmission, and probably a new clutch. I have found both on eBay that have been inspected and cleared, but nobody in town will put it in for me because it's outside their part network so I haven't bought it. Looking for someone to install what I purchase from eBay. Will purchase parts after bid for labor is accepted and I get a complete shopping list. If you can get a cheaper transmission in good shape from pull and pay that works too.

Project ID: 1029

Status: Open

Date Posted: 5/20/2020

Urgency Level: Anytime

Does customer have parts: Yes

Need diagnosis: No

Budget: $1500.00 Estimates 3

Location: Fort Collins,  CO 

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