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1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette Auto Repair

Mileage: 105000 miles

Body Style: Sedan

My 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette van has some electrical issues with the Instrument Cluster not Illuminating (ALL bulbs) as well as around the radio and buttons around all gauges. All dark cant see gauges at night. But they work when I shine flashlight on the gauges. Here are my symptoms 1. Instrument cluster gauges do not lighten up as well around radio,AC or heater lights 2. When I open up the drivers door without key in ignition it makes a ding ding ding sound. Lights are off and key is out of ignition 3. Back running lights dont work. But brake and turn signals work. Completely dark at night What have I tried 1. Replacing dimmer switch 2. CHECKED only ONE ground by right fender well 3. Checked all Fuses several times. ( It might be a circuit breaker) .

Project ID: 139

Status: Open

Date Posted: 10/21/2019

Urgency Level: Within 24 Hours

Does customer have parts: No

Need diagnosis: Yes

Budget: $200.00 Estimates 1

Location: HOPKINS,  MN 

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