30 Day Warranty On All Repairs

We proudly offer a hassle-free 30-day warranty on all our repair and labor services. Every mobile mechanic on our team wholeheartedly commits to this guarantee as a standard part of working with our company. Furthermore, we go the extra mile by ensuring that payment for services is contingent upon the successful completion of repairs.

Opting for direct payment, unfortunately, nullifies our warranty due to the inability to track funds and the absence of a refund guarantee. This is precisely why we recommend utilizing our secure escrow system for the utmost peace of mind. If you choose to pay the mechanic directly and they do not return for any reason, we cannot assume liability in such cases. However, in the event that a repair fails to resolve the issue, and it is directly linked to the work we performed, our mechanic will return at no additional cost to rectify the situation. Should the problem prove unrelated to our prior service, the mechanic may request a nominal diagnosis fee.

It's worth noting that some of our premium mechanics offer extended warranties of up to one year, which may be reflected in their slightly higher rates. In the service industry, quality often aligns with the investment you make. Our ultimate goal is to steer you toward the best possible mobile mechanic experience for your needs!

Release of Escrowed Funds Terms

When you initiate the release of escrowed funds, you confirm the 100% completion of your auto repair, absolving MobileMechanic.com and Mechlance Inc from any associated liabilities and providing them with a clear and unencumbered status. It's crucial to understand that MobileMechanic.com and Mechlance Inc primarily function as an escrow service, diligently safeguarding your financial interests to ensure that the mechanic you've engaged through our platform doesn't misuse your funds.

It's of utmost importance to stress that Mechlance Inc's platform does not serve as an automotive advisory service or a licensed repair shop. By choosing to release the funds, you, our valued customer, willingly take full responsibility for the repair work carried out through our network, which connects you with qualified ASE certified mechanics.

By making this choice, you also acknowledge and commit to refraining from initiating disputes or chargebacks against MobileMechanic.com and Mechlance Inc. This acknowledgment reflects your trust in our services and the expertise of the mechanic you've selected through our platform. Your satisfaction and confidence in our services are greatly appreciated.