How It Works

How You Hire A Mobile Mechanic

  1. Click the Get Estimate button on our home page or hamburger menu in the top right corner.
  2. Fill Get Estimate form out.
  3. Most likely a dispatcher calls or texts you after your project is live on our platform. 
  4. Start getting estimates from mobile mechanics near you!
  5. Once you get an estimate you like, choose the type of estimate that best fits your needs.
  6. Pay for the estimate with our secure credit card escrow system.
  7. Coordinate with the mechanic when and where to fix your vehicle 
  8. Show some love, shoot us a Facebook review and tell all your friends! Join our Facebook group and stay connected!

FAQs and Advice

Why use the Escrow System?

We like to help guide our clients to follow proven system for their own protection. Securing the funds in a 3rd party escrow account, allows for the best mobile mechanic experience possible. This is because it guarantees payment to the mechanic if they preform the task needed while giving the client control over their owns funds. This process also keeps you from paying the mechanic early which could effect your mobile mechanic experience. This is a refundable deposit. Our 30 labor warranty is included for free in this option.

How does revealing a mechanic cell phone work?

We do allow customers to bypass our escrow system. It is there responsible to handle paying the mechanics in a secure way. Customers can now reveal the mechanics cell for a small fee.  This voids your 30 day warranty as we are unable to track funds in a secure way. This also could decrease the quality of your mobile mechanic experience. All our dispatch representatives know the best course of action to handle mobile mechanics, so don’t hesitate to call them. 1-888-391-MECH  

Am I able to reassign my order to another mechanic provider if hired mechanic is not meeting my needs?

Yes! Please call dispatch to help reassign you to another mobile mechanic. There is no reassigning fee. However, there may be an up-charge in the newly assigned mobile mechanic estimate. This is because all our providers charge different rates.

What do I get with a diagnosis?

If a mechanic sends you a bid and they say “Diagnosis Needed”  this means they will come out and figure out what is wrong with your vehicle plus offer you 1 hour of auto repair services. We have a one hr labor min to show up. This way if it’s an easy fix you’ll be covered if it can be completed within 1 hr.  The hourly minimum is decided by the mechanic as well each job is different. Most diesel jobs have a 3 hr min to show up the rep and tech will go over that with you prior to you booking the job. 

In receiving a “Diagnosis Needed” on your project, this means the providers services are good for one hour of auto repair services. A diagnosis also gets subtracted from your total bill on repair jobs greater than one hour. If you choose to hire the mechanic for the full repair.

When you invest in our services, the 1-hour labor min credit is what you're paying for, covering the mechanic's time to travel, gather parts, and utilize their expertise and equipment for the diagnosis plus if we can fix it with 1 hr labor credit we will. This credit is applicable to any repair, regardless of whether you proceed with the service. This means all money goes towards the repair if you hire us for any repair. We believe in fairness – your money is an investment in resolving your vehicle issues efficiently. This is enforcable by the mechanic so if the mechanic is their for 5 min and your engine is blown and doesn't want to charge you then the funds will be refunded to you. 

All our labor only and parts and labor estimates come with a FREE diagnosis included for your own protection and a smooth mobile mechanic experience. This does not include diagnosis needed estimates meaning the diagnosis is not free if a mechanic or shop inputs thier estimate as diagnosis needed. We have three types of estimates. 

  1. Labor Only
  2. Parts and Labor 
  3. Diagnosis Needed


Should I pay the mechanic direct if I used the escrow system, even for extra gas money?

No! Never pay the mechanics until job is 100% complete. Once the job is done call dispatch and tell them to release the funds to the mechanic.

What if mechanic tells me he/she will come back tomorrow if I release the funds to him/her now?

No, do not release the funds until job is 100% complete, and you get your drive-able car back.

Should I give money to the mechanic for parts?

No, meet them at the part store and buy the part with the mechanic. If you pay the mechanic direct (cash, cash app, or other forms of direct payment), there is no guarantee to get funds back.

If I have a transmission or engine swap job should I do it at my driveway?

You should do it where ever the mobile mechanic suggests. They are the professionals and know how to perform these jobs. Usually the mechanic will recommend a tow provider or use AAA. 

What if the mechanic doesn’t get the job done the first day or when he/she drops my car off what should I do? 

Kindly ask the mechanic to come back the next day or when he/she is available to finish the job. Don’t pay them until is complete. 

What if I pay him/her and the job is not done?

Call dispatch and they will remind the mechanic there is a 30 day warranty on all repairs, so they will have to come back and get the job done. Sometimes jobs take a few days to finish to touch up. Once the funds are released we cant get funds back (No Refund Policy) starts so only release funds when the job is 100% done and you have test driven your vehicle. 

Cool trick / advice*

Newer vehicles can require heavy programming. For example, installing a transmission on a new BMW requires reprogramming. To save money on labor rates we can install the part and bring it to a dealership to reprogram. 

Some ignition switches need to be brought to dealerships for reprogramming to keys. Some mobile lock smiths can reprogram the keys to the ignition switch. So it is worth it to call the dealerships first and see if its even possible to reprogram the ignition switches with a outside software program. Worst case our mechanics can install the part and the dealership can reprogram it to the key to save you money on dealership labor.

If you notice a mechanic has an attitude issue please do not escalate it simply call dispatch, so we can fix the issue. Respect them and they will respect you back.  This way you get your vehicle fixed.  

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