The Power of a 1-Hour Labor Credit and Free Diagnosis

We take pride in revolutionizing the mobile auto repair experience, and our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction is embodied in our 1-hour labor credit and free diagnosis policy.

The diagnosis phase is the heartbeat of any auto repair, and it's why our mechanics undergo rigorous education to become ASE certified technicians. We firmly believe in the value of skilled professionals who can pinpoint issues accurately rather than mere part flippers. Rest assured, exclusively only allows ASE certified technicians, ensuring that your vehicle is in capable hands.

When you invest in our services, the 1-hour labor credit is what you're paying for, covering the mechanic's time to travel, gather parts, and utilize their expertise and equipment for the diagnosis plus if we can fix it with 1 hr labor credit we will. This credit is applicable to any repair, regardless of whether you proceed with the service. This means all money goes towards the repair if you hire us for any repair. We believe in fairness – your money is an investment in resolving your vehicle issues efficiently. This is enforcable by the mechanic so if the mechanic is their for 5 min and your engine is blown and doesn't want to charge you then the funds will be refunded to you. 

Remarkably, about 80% of our repair jobs are successfully completed within the 1-hour labor credit, showcasing our mechanics' proficiency and commitment to swift solutions. Moreover, we empower our customers to save money by allowing them to source their own parts and providing access to our commercial accounts for discounted rates.

In summary,'s 1-hour labor credit and free diagnosis not only guarantee transparency and fairness but also reflect our dedication to hiring qualified professionals. Trust us to not only diagnose and repair your vehicle but to do so with the utmost expertise and integrity. Your investment in the 1-hour labor credit is an investment in top-tier service and the assurance that your vehicle is in the hands of skilled, certified technicians.