How To Change Fuel Injections 2013 On Freightliner M2

A lot of things attract a vehicle to a person. For some people, it might be the 5- speed gear, compartment, and ruggedness. However, for a vehicle meant for moving business, three major considerations are fuel economy, reliability, and availability of spare parts.

The 2013 Freightliner M2 box truck is known for its ruggedness, reliability, and fuel economy. When the truck starts consuming excess fuel or torque press and this does not translate to the corresponding movement, the fuel injector is primarily the major suspect.

How to change the fuel injector

You need to understand the makeup of a fuel injector before attempting to make a change. A fuel injector has two pressure sides. These are the low and high-pressure sides.

he low-pressure side has the following parts.

Fuel filter Fuel heater and coolers Fuel tank and fuel supply pump

On the other hand, the high-pressure side has

Fuel metering Nozzle needle control actuators High-pressure pumps High injector and fuel injector nozzle High accumulator

Where to get fuel Injector Parts online

You can buy the parts of your 2013 Freightliner M2 fuel injector from the following shops online.
Raneys trucks
Jc Whitney
Truck Parts Inventory
Cost of Fuel Injector Parts
The cost of these parts varies from shop to shop, however, on an average, the total cost of changing a 2013 Freightliner M2 box truck is around $1100 to $1300 across the states.
Materials/Tools needed for changing a fuel injector

Drip pan Flash light Flat tip screw driver Alien wrench set Boxed end wrenches Jack stands Floor jack Flat tip screwdriver Fuel resistant Wheel chocks Protective clothing Fuel resistant gloves Fuel hose quick disconnect kit Torque bit set Safety glasses Ratchet with metric and standard sockets Torque wrench

Procedures for changing a 2013 Freightliner M2 fuel injectors

Changing a fuel injector involves four main parts, which must be followed to have a successful operation.

1. Removing the Old/faulty Fuel Injector

Gather all necessary tools before starting makes the work more efficient. It is important to note the following prior to removing the old fuel injector.

Ensure the truck gear is in park for an automatic model, or in gear 1 for manual models. Use wedges to hold the tire. The use of wheel chocks around the rear tire is equally useful. Disconnect the battery. Remove both the air cleaner elements and the harness from the injector. Take out the bracket to the injector by unscrewing the bolts to the injector. Finally, pull out the injector from the throttle body. 2. Installing the new fuel Injector

Fix the new injector back into the throttle body, and make sure the retainer bracket is installed, and screw with bolts. Install the air cleaner housing and elements on top of the throttle body. Ensure that you have installed new O-rings, and fuel rail to the new injector. Make sure you use the appropriate bolts to hold tight the injector. Mount the engine cover 3. Checking for leaks

After fixing the new injector, you would need to use a combustible gas detector to detect if there is any leak.

You can test for leakage by following the procedures below.

Fix back the ground cable onto the battery’s negative post. Ensure that the battery clamp is tightened up tight. Turn the ignition key on and off at least three to four times and listen for the activation of the fuel pump. This is important to allow all the fuel rails to have sufficient fuel. Use the combustible gas detector to check all the connections for any leakage. Sniff the air around the connection for any fuel odors. If there is no leakage or fuel odor. Remove the jack, and bring back all the four wheels on the ground. Remove all wedges

4. Test drive the Truck

While test-driving, take note of any misfiring engine cylinder.

Also, observe the dashboard for the fuel and the check light to appear. If your check engine light comes on, that indicates the possibility of an electrical issue within the fuel system. You can seek assistance from your auto electrician, who can go over the installation, you did and check for any error.

Bringing it home

The 2013 Freightliner M2 box truck is a rugged, reliable, and a fuel economy truck that can save you a lot of time and money on fuel if the fuel injector is in a good state. Changing the 2013 Freightliner M2 box truck fuel injector is easy if all the needed tools are available, and you can follow the procedures above.