Is a scam? is an automotive repair that has been in operation since 2012. They offer maintenance and repair services for different types of cars. Their marketing edge is that they are a repair company that comes to you, whether it’s your home or office. This is great for those who prefer a mobile mechanic to have their car towed. 

According to their website, they hire ASE certified mechanics. They provide their services to over 500 cities in the US and must have a lot of mechanics working for them. You can use their mobile app or website, or you can call them to find a mechanic. There are some great reviews you can find about their service from clients. 

Negative Reviews

However, many negative reviews abound too. Here are some common complaints from some of their clients and competitors.

Not all their mechanics are professional and knowledgeable.

Many complaints center around clients getting the wrong parts fixed or having subpar repairs done. A car repair is a sensitive service, as it may be a matter of life and death. Some mechanics come late for their appointments or don’t show at all, sometimes giving very flimsy excuses. Your goal may be to ‘Find a Mechanic Near Me’ but said mechanic must also be good at their job. 

Another critical customer complaint is how a mechanic can fail to do a car inspection before beginning repair work. They sometimes repair what you said you thought was the problem, even if it’s not the problem. A mechanic should ideally perform a diagnostic test to find out the problem before beginning a repair job. 


They don’t always honor their warranty.

Building on the fact that some mechanics don’t run diagnostic tests is the fact that only the fixed part is covered by warranty. If the mechanic fixed the wrong part, the warrant for the necessary repair is null and void, as according to them, it wasn’t the part that was worked on. There are also some cases where they refuse to honor the warranty even when they are the ones who performed the repair.

Complaints about money.

There are a few complaints that are centered on money matters. First, there are those clients who get charged a booking fee only for the mechanic to cancel. The problem isn’t paying the fee. The problem is that they don’t reimburse this amount if the appointment isn’t canceled three hours after it was made. This is absurd if you are not the one who cancels the appointment. 

There are also many complaints of customers who are overcharged. Many say that they were not reimbursed for the excess charge. The other issue is that sometimes the mechanic charges you a price above and beyond the quote they gave. Customers value transparency, and some are on budgets, so they need the real quote to organize themselves. 


Having unprofessional marketing techniques

Some of their competitors have an issue with how market themselves, particularly on browser ads. These competitors claim that they fix their domain names into their ads. This means that customers who are looking for a specific automotive repair company are led to them. This is a very underhanded way of stealing your competitor’s traffic. 

The premise of providing mobile maintenance and repair for an automotive is excellent. However, it must be paired with exceptional service. This is the only way that more car owners can venture into using mobile mechanics over going to auto shops. Bad service by one company may ruin it for other mobile repair companies.

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