Top 4 Mobile Mechanics in Minneapolis Minnesota


Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the largest populated city in Minnesota. Expanding that outward, it is the 45th-largest in the United States. In total, an estimated 425,403 citizens live within the community that has grown since 2010 by about 40,000.

With an average of 36°F and lows of 9°F, Minneapolis has freezing winters. The citizens will experience snow, sleet, ice, thunderstorms, rain, and fog.

With the winters so frigid, it is imperative for those living in Minneapolis to have a running vehicle. Therefore, knowing which mobile mechanics are available comes in handy in case of a vehicle breakdown. Below are the four best mobile mechanics in Minneapolis, Minnesota, listed on Craigslist.

Travis Mobile Mechanic
Contact: 651-785-7268 Specialty: Jump-starts, lockouts, diagnostics and much more

Travis is there for any vehicle broken down. He is an experienced and insured mechanic with over ten years in the field of automotive repair. Travis services the Twin Cities, offers excellent prices, and is prompt while being honest. He will make sure that each customer is satisfied and provides repairs that are 50 percent less than shop prices. Travis is available through text, call, or email.

Monroe Mobile Mechanic Service.

Contact: 651-508-9174 Specialty: Starter, Alternator, Ball joint, Control arm, Radiator, Thermostat, Water pump, Fuel pump, Throttle position sensor, Mass airflow sensor, O2 sensor, Muffler, Front brake pads, Rotor, Wheel bearing press, Hub, CV axle.

Charles is the owner of Monroe Mobile, and offers cost-effective auto mechanic service. He will go to your home, workplace, or office if needed. Best of all, his services come at half the rate of an auto repair shop. Charles can repair body damage such as bumpers, fenders, hoods, headlights, taillights, grill quarter panels, and doors. Charles will find the parts and install them on the same day.

Robert Mobile Mechanic
Contact: 612-426-9005 Specialty: alternators, starters, brakes/brake lines, hub assembly, wheel bearings, water pumps, radiators, thermostats, power steering pumps, half axles, air conditioning, window motors and much more.

Robert is willing to repair a car or truck, and his prices are reasonable and honest. He owns the proper tools to diagnose the vehicle accurately, so each job is completed with efficiency and without issues. Robert purchases his parts at a discount, and he passes those savings onto his customers. A complete breakdown of his prices and services are listed on his Craigslist ad or contact his number provided above.

Off the Wall Universal Mobile Mechanic
Contact: 612-208-5829 Specialty: Brakes, Water pumps, Brake lines, Fuel pump, Classic and foreign cars, RV, Boats, and much more.

Jason is the owner and operator with 25 years’ work experience, and he is currently offering a 50 percent off deal. This brake special includes front and rear brake pads, and rotors for both front and rear brakes. Jason is reachable by phone, but texts might be more natural to contact him.

In a cold, densely populated, and high crime city, it is vital to have a backup plan in case your vehicle breaks down. These contact numbers will go directly to the owner of the company, and they are all willing to be of assistance to your needs.