Marketing Scam

Times are moving amazingly fast, and with digital marketing, some businesses are choosing black knight approaches to driving traffic to their site. 

One black hat strategy is to use the Google Ad-words campaign to bait and switch the consumer in a redirect to their website. There are many methods to accomplish this unprofessional, deceptive behavior. This includes using Adworks, pay Google to promote your website, pay per click costs in the hopes of generating business. Sometimes this practice consists of using another company's domain name in the text, content, or links. is one example of a company currently using the device. They use the name  in their marketing campaigns and redirect potential clients to their site. 

White Knight Marketing

Mobile Mechanic always puts the customer first. We save you money, time, stress, and frustration. In addition, our mission is to deliver client value and provide small business opportunities. Our company model saves customers 30-60% off auto repair services. We offer three pillars of excellence, cost-effective services, security, and convenience the honest way. 

Healthy competition keeps all players honest, straightforward, and reputable.


MobileMechanic runs a clean, transparent, ethical business. With over nine years in the marketplace, we are expanding, convenient, saving the customer money, and are dedicated to changing the repair auto industry. We are a service close to your home, and our professional will save you money over dealer and garage brick and mortar companies. 

We never quit. There are more services and amenities to come with our 100% 30-warranty in place. You are always safe and secure in the knowledge that Mobile Mechanic has your best interests at the heart of their service. 


Quality ASE Certification

Assurance of quality and expertise is our promise. Our mechanics and companies earn the mark of ASE Certified, validating their competence, knowledge, and skill. Consumers value this added layer of integrity because it demonstrates a business that practices high standards. 

The ASE certification process involves not only training, but passing a test via Prometric Test Centers, two-year's experience in the field, and training. In addition, every five years, each person or business must re-test to secure re-certification. By doing so, this establishes and demonstrates a commitment, responsiveness, and dedication to their craft, new technologies, tools, and methods in vehicle repair. 


Find A Mechanic

Freelance mobile mechanics extend services that come to you. They are near you, accessible, and will provide a free estimate of the repair. They bring garage, dealer superior quality to your driveway at home, work, or office.'s process of hiring a mechanic is quick and easy. Go to, click get an estimate, fill out the form, post your order, and you will receive estimates from mobile mechanics near you. 

You are doing business with a company and honorable mechanics. Select your mechanic, place funds in an escrow account, and the mechanic comes to you. 

There is a 30-day warranty on all services and repairs, which gives you peace of mind. You can trust MobileMechanic  guarantee of the repair and excellent customer service. 


Mobile Mechanic Instant Auto Repair Estimates – Go Direct

At Mobile Mechanic , a mechanic near me is always within reach, safe, your funds are secure, convenient, and you will save money. Visit our website and book today. There is only one authentic, trustworthy, reliable, ™.