Jennifer Diaz

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Name: Jennifer Diaz
Location: Fort Mcdowell AZ, 85264
Contact Number: ****
Certifications: Automotive/Diesel Technology. Ford specific training.
Description: Hey I’m Jen and I am a certified Automotive and diesel technician. While also being in tech school I also took a Ford specific credential training as well. My time in school has really helped me understand how and why things work. While I’m not a master, I am very confident that you will be pleased by the knowledge and services i have learned in a short time. Light duty maintenance such as oil changes, brake jobs, water pumps, battery replacements,etc. are a few of the basics i can accomplish. Simple diagnosis as No start/Crank-no start, drivability concerns, or just a weird noise that’s bugging you is also a few other things i can do. Need someone to do the work for you because you just don’t want to? I got you. Need someone to give you a hand with a certain problem? I got you. I hope to leave you with a reliable vehicle and a great experience!
Date Joined: 9/3/2021
Jobs Completed 0
Jobs currently working on: 0
How much do you charge for a diagnosis: $80.00
Is diagnosis free if you are hired for a job: no