Name: Trae
Location: Lawtey FL, 32058
Contact Number: ****
Certifications: None
Description: From welding up trailers 🚚 to greasing hay bailers 🚜 I can do it all πŸ”§ I’ve been inclined and specializing on all brand and model vehicles for about 8 years to date πŸ—“ I’m happy to help and still eager to learn πŸ“š I keep my cars clean, I’ll keep yours clean too 🚘 No runaround, no leftover mess, nothing less πŸ‘ I like to say that my favorite kind of bolt is a rusted one πŸ”© We can chop & replace! βš™οΈ I make clean cuts when building sweet projects πŸ“ I want to do it right the first time ☝️ & I will always find a way to make it work or I can redefine 🌟 Don’t hesitate to ask questions! πŸ”₯
Date Joined: 6/18/2020
Jobs Completed 0
Jobs currently working on: 0
How much do you charge for a diagnosis: $0.00
Is diagnosis free if you are hired for a job: yes