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2004 Ford Ranger

Project ID: 3994

Posted: 10/30/20

Status: Completed

Service Type:  
Auto Repair


Mileage: 114000 miles

Body Style: Truck

Engine Size: 4.0

Need Diagnosis: No


I stepped on the brake to get out of park when i noticed the pedal was soft. The i found brake fluid coming out of the drum itself. So im needing a brake cylinder and more than likely the 3 foot section of brake line that goes from the brake cylinder and screws into the block mounted above the diff. Ive already cracked loose the front caliper bleeder screws. They are almost new. The whole drum looks wet because i hit it with PB blaster.

Budget: $300.00

Customer has parts: No

Location: Cottage Grove,  MN  55016 

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Within 48 Hours