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2003 Subaru Forester Auto Repair

Mileage: 190000 miles

Body Style: Hatchback

I saw a tiny puff of steam at a stoplight but it was a kind of foggy night, so I didn't think anything of it. Then I hopped on 36 and drove 7 or 8 miles when my hood (which was a little loose from an accident years ago but had never flown open before) flew open and into my windshield. I pulled over and looked and the front left part of the engine was steaming. Just to the left of the radiator. The car was not showing as running hot at this point. I drove it really slowly to the park and ride that was like 2 miles up the highway. When I got there it was still not running hot. It was winter so I left the car on for the heater, but after like 10 or 15 minutes the temperature gauge went up pretty far. When I looked under the hood after it was parked, there was no steam anymore. The part of the engine that was steaming was very wet. Got it towed home (my parking lot connects to O'reilly's). When I went to look at it a week later that area looked wet/sticky, kind of like if you had spilled soda and then not cleaned it up for a few days. I was also able to put maybe 3.5 liters in the radiator, so that was running low. I possibly could have let the car run longer and put a little bit more fluid in, but I got bored after 30 minutes or so. The temperature gauge did not show the car as running hot during this time at all. This was over the winter, and I think the car might be dead/need a jump. We have no outside outlets (O'reilly's might) so I haven't charged the battery with a trickle charger. I will probably see if I can get the car started today, run it for a while, and see how the radiator fluid is doing. I am moving on Saturday, so I need to fix this soon. Sorry for sleeping on it for so long. I can probably leave the car here for a bit after I move, but definitely need to have something in the works before then. I would also like a quick check out the half shafts/cv joints to make sure that they are OK. Thank you.

Project ID: 707

Status: Open

Date Posted: 4/14/2020

Urgency Level: Within 48 Hours

Does customer have parts: No

Need diagnosis: Yes

Budget: $800.00 Estimates 3

Location: Denver,  CO 

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