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2012 Hyundai Santa Fe

Project ID: 13276

Posted: 3/1/22

Status: Completed

Service Type:  
Auto Repair


Mileage: 120000 miles

Body Style: SUV/Crossover

Engine Size: 2.4L

Need Diagnosis: Yes


My car won’t start. I had the battery checked and replaced it after confirming it was bad. I disconnected the fuel line at the fuel pump and confirmed that the fuel pump is pumping gas. I connected that line and disconnected the fuel line at the fuel rail. I do not see gas coming out of that line when I turn on the car, which makes me think there must be some sort of blockage in the fuel line. I would appreciate any help. I already took the seat out, so the fuel pump is accessible. There was a stalling issue and my dad, who’s a mechanic, recommended I replace the fuel pump. I replaced it with my friend and there was a bad gas leak and I took my car to meinecke, and it turned out we didn’t connect one of the fuel lines properly. So this may have something to do with that whole process of replacing the fuel pump but I’m not totally sure.

Budget: $500.00

Customer has parts: No

Location: Denver,  CO  80210 

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