Project Details

2012 Subaru Forestor Auto Repair

Mileage: 96000 miles

Body Style: AWD/4WD

A friend and I did an engine rebuild on my Forestor and just put the engine back in the car and bolted it into the transmission. We are looking to re-install the accessories tomorrow like attaching the wiring harness, the alternator, etc. and just want an extra set of knowledgeable hands o speed things up and possibly get the car running. Going to start work at 9am tomorrow and work till it gets too hot around 2pm.

Project ID: 1993

Status: Open

Date Posted: 7/18/2020

Urgency Level: Within 24 Hours

Does customer have parts: Yes

Need diagnosis: No

Budget: $500.00 Estimates 0

Location: Denver,  CO 

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