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2001 Toyota Tacoma

Project ID: 16443

Posted: 8/1/22

Status: Completed

Service Type:  
Auto Repair


Mileage: 258000 miles

Body Style: Truck

Engine Size: 2.7 liter / V6

Need Diagnosis: Yes


I bought new Monroe struts with the intention to install them myself. I have had some not so good experiences with mechanic shops, and I do my own work whenever possible. I believed this was a job I could handle. I successfully pulled the old strut on the driver's side without great difficulty; however, I am unable to install the new one -- there is too much tension to lower the control arm. The size of the new struts is exactly the same as the old ones; I am confident that these are the right struts for the vehicle. I have gotten different suggestions on workarounds, e.g., disconnecting the UCA, disconnecting the sway bar links, etc., but I was not expecting any need to do that and I am not that comfortable doing so. Nothing has been done to the passenger side strut. Towing to a shop does not seem like a good option, as I think this could result in damage to other suspension components. Thanks.

Budget: $1000.00

Customer has parts: Yes

Location: Farmington,  MN  55024 

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