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2006 Ford Fusion

Project ID: 6991

Posted: 5/3/21

Status: Completed

Service Type:  
Auto Repair


Mileage: 121000 miles

Body Style: Sedan

Engine Size: 3.0

Need Diagnosis: Yes


Been a good car for wife with low miles. Last year, car misfired badly. I had the ECM rebuilt. I had a mechanic install new motocraft plugs and a fresh six pack coil set. Car ran perfect for six months and about 4000miles. However, after that repair, I had a chk engine light come on with the PO420 and PO430 codes that I never addressed. So a few months ago, car began losing power and had it towed home. Its starts fine everytime but within a minute it idles super rough with an awful poisonous smell. SO..I think the O2 sensors are bad, or the catalytic converter is bad or both. I have TWO NEW O2 sensors I bought awhile back. Car is in garage and can bee worked on in there if needed. May need other parts.

Budget: $300.00

Customer has parts: No

Location: Mesa,  AZ  85212 

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