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2007 Pontiac Torrent Diagnosis

Mileage: 233000 miles

Body Style: SUV/Crossover

Engine Size: 3.4

1,511 Satisfied customers Pearl Pearl Wilson, Mechanic's Assistant Welcome! How can I help with your mechanic question? You I just replaced the anti theft control module on my 2007 Pontiac torrent and now i still have no start Pearl Pearl Wilson, Mechanic's Assistant How long have you had problems starting the vehicle? Do any lights still turn on? You Month now Pearl Pearl Wilson, Mechanic's Assistant What's the approximate mileage on your 2007 Pontiac? You Im not sure like 234 Pearl Pearl Wilson, Mechanic's Assistant Is there anything else the Pontiac Mechanic should know before I connect you? Rest assured that they'll be able to help you. You Its been a month now that my car has not started.. At the beginning of all this my car was running just great. My key had broke off into the ignition and set for 3 days until a friend of mine went and got it out by drilling the cylinder out. Witch made it to where to u had to use a screw driver to start it. One day my friend went to start the car with pliers and one end touched the control module under the ignition and it sparked and then it would not crank ever again up until this day still wont start. Ive replaced the control module, the ignition switch, the ignition key cylinder everything. I had the locksmith man come and program the module and make me a new key and still no start. Ive checked and changed every fuse that was bad and still nothing.. It only clicks and when I try and turn over my key to start all my lifhta are on then they go all off when the key is turned to start

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Status: Open

Date Posted: 6/10/2021

Urgency Level: ASAP

Does customer have parts: Yes

Need diagnosis: Yes

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Location: Murfreesboro,  AR 

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