Project Details

2014 Mercedes-Benz CLS550 Auto Body

Mileage: 62000 miles

Body Style: Sedan

Engine Size: 4.7

The vehicle was bought at an auction with a front collision but Run/Drive. I'm looking to get it fully fixed, serviced, and put back the road. I have the front bumper however I will need the front reassembled to OEM, radiator tie bar, fender, repaint, maybe some suspension work and etc. Attached are photos of everything in the current state. Please see photos here for the full scope.

Project ID: 1022

Status: Open

Date Posted: 5/20/2020

Urgency Level: ASAP

Does customer have parts: No

Need diagnosis: Yes

Budget: $4000.00 Estimates 0

Location: Philadelphia,  PA 

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