Project Details

2018 Ford F-150

Project ID: 14206

Posted: 4/10/22

Status: Completed

Service Type:  
Auto Repair


Mileage: 33000 miles

Body Style: Truck

Engine Size: 3.5L V6

Need Diagnosis: Yes


I was replacing the brakes pads on the vehicle. When I got to the rear pads I replaced the pads, but was unable to compress the caliper piston. After reviewing, you are supposed to put the vehicle into a brake maintenance mode. I attempted to put the vehicle into the maintenance mode and the caliper piston pushed out further and the vehicle had an emergency brake error (service required message) instead of entering the brake maintenance mode. I bled the brake and was able to push the piston back by hand about half way. This is where I decided to punt. I believe I need someone to finish getting the piston compressed and bleed the air out of the line/ add brake fluid, and remount the brake caliper. I would also like to have the pads on the second side of the rear brakes replaced. I have the pads, I do not have the brake fluid. The truck does have an ignition interlock system in order to start so I can coordinate my work schedule to be home and assist if starting the vehicle is required.

Budget: $600.00

Customer has parts: Yes

Location: Prior Lake,  MN  55372 

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