Project Details

1999 chev astro Auto Repair

Mileage: 151 miles

Body Style: Van/Mini Van

Engine Size: 4.3

no start issue (TESTED) fuel pump, air flow and spark, timing, I have done alot of research and test and narrowed down issue to no power going from Red power wire into my under-hood fuse relay. do to my inexperience i rather pay a mech to finish the job and or do a proper DIO to give me a definite answer on resolution on my start issue. i have done alot of senseless repair, because of men claiming to be mechanics but do not actually know what they are doing, i dont have enough time or money to risk taking my old van to a garage to chance it with scam artist shops and back ally mechanics etc. I.E i do not trust shops and im unwilling to take my vehicle to some place while it held hostage while some shop attempts to suck me dry.

Project ID: 1928

Status: Open

Date Posted: 7/16/2020

Urgency Level: ASAP

Does customer have parts: Yes

Need diagnosis: Yes

Budget: $200.00 Estimates 1

Location: Saint Paul,  MN 

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