Project Details

2008 Ford Taurus

Project ID: 21220

Posted: 6/5/23

Status: Completed

Service Type:  
Auto Repair


Mileage: 81000 miles

Body Style: Sedan

Need Diagnosis: Yes


I had P0204 code when engine light was on from 5/21/23 until 5/31, when the light turned off on its own. Yesterday the traction control warning light turned on while driving a few meters & I wasn't able to accelerate over 20 mph so I had it towed to a nearby auto shop in WBL but they just told me they have no time this week to diagnose it, etc. If needed, I have 6 new fuel injectors inside a small white package on the front passenger seat area. The tire pressure sensor light turned on another day but this is not urgent right now unless it is an easy fix. Can Caleb pick me up in Brooklyn Park on the way to my car in WBL so I can drive it back after it is repaired?

Budget: $159.00

Customer has parts: Yes

Location: Saint Paul,  MN  55110 

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Within 24 Hours