Project Details

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe SE

Project ID: 10641

Posted: 10/26/21

Status: Completed

Service Type:  
Auto Repair


Mileage: 144450 miles

Body Style: SUV/Crossover

Engine Size: 3.3 L V6

Need Diagnosis: Yes


Hi William, Need to do some additional work on the 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe SE AWD V6. Here’s what needs to be done: This week (10/25/2021), we can install the following: 1. Remove existing rear rotors so I can take them to a local shop to have them turned down. Once I return, then they can be reinstalled. While they are at the machine shop, I need the following done: 2. Remove existing 3 rear spark plugs on back side of engine & replace with 3 new Bosch plugs. 3. Remove old serpentine belt, tensioner and pulley & replace with new. Let me know when we can schedule this work for this week. Thanks and have a great week !!

Budget: $450.00

Customer has parts: Yes

Location: Saint Paul,  MN  55113 

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