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2001 Kia Rio Auto Repair

Mileage: 74000 miles

Body Style: Sedan

Engine Size: 1.5 L

while idling in a drive thru - car suddenly cut off (stalled out) & check engine light came on (steady not flashing) & car wouldn't start again. Had it towed home & Obd2 reader gave code P1780. Boyfriend replaced fuel filter - cleared code but still wont start & check engine light came back on.About a month prior check engine light came on for code P0302 so replaced plugs & cleared code. About a year prior, when getting on interstate - car wouldn't accelerate enough to blend in on interstate so I pulled to the shoulder & noticed check engine light on so I cut car off. Waited few minutes & it started but was rough idling & when i push gas petal it lost all power again & light came back on so I pulled off again & cut it off. Waited 10 minutes & eased very slowly into traffic until I got to next exit ramp & went by advance auto & got code P0340 so we replaced cam shaft sensor. Worked fine for a month taking interstate then same problem reoccured. Bought cheap cheap sensor so until I bought better sensor I just don't take interstate anymore. Sorry for long book but I've read that sometimes these 3 codes are related to the initial problem

Project ID: 17214

Status: Open

Date Posted: 9/17/2022

Urgency Level: Within 48 Hours

Does customer have parts: No

Need diagnosis: Yes

Budget: $800.00 Estimates 0

Location: Salem,  VA 

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